Policy Brief - Planning for Student Life on Campus

Policy Brief - Planning for Student Life on Campus - Policy...

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Policy Brief: Planning for Student Life on Campus From Mark Einsiedel Proposition for Student Life Office As we open our doors as a new institution, I propose the creation of a Student Life Office in charge of providing motivation, encouragement, guidance, and support to all students as they progress through their exciting collegiate experience. With the rise in the number of students attending college, the importance of student life must be recognized. Student life on campus has been shown to improve not only retention rates among campuses, but to also show greater overall happiness amongst and a better sense of belonging because it helps students make the most of their college lives. I feel very strongly that a Student Life Office is necessary and will undoubtedly help to create an exceptional living and learning environment for students and the greater university community. The office shall be committed to enhancing the growth of students to reach their full potential by providing rich learning opportunities through our programs, services, and facilities. Lastly, through specific rules and regulations, the office would promote a safe and welcoming atmosphere for students that foster personal development, an engaged community, and a sense of personal connection to the university as part of our commitment to our university's emphasis on diversity, teaching, research, and public service. Student life on campus is often taken for granted and most people do not realize its importance to students. In a survey conducted by StudentsReviews.com, on average, students rated the educational quality of their institution as a “B”, but the social life on campus as a “C+”. Furthermore, when students were asked if they would return to their school, a stunning 37.5% responded that they would not return. If students said that their educational quality was a “B,” what aspect of their college lives would cause them to not want to return? It is the “C+” they gave as social life. Students are not active enough and feel that not enough is being offered to them as student on their respective campuses. Student Organizations As students grow at our university, they should also strive to become involved in on student organizations. The organizations would be started and run by students, offering them opportunities to display leadership and creativity. By offering student organizations in which the students themselves create, students will be more inclined to join groups that are interesting to them. Moreover, students will be more prone to become an active
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Policy Brief - Planning for Student Life on Campus - Policy...

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