Syllabus - Syllabus for USSO 269: Create-A-College, Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus for USSO 269: Create-A-College, Spring 2009 SAGES University Seminar (Social Systems) Instructor: Richard Baznik, Director, Institute for the Study of the University in Society Email: Telephone: 216-368-2339 Office: Sears Library Building, Room 483 Office Hours: [TBO after course begins] and by appointment Writing Liaison: Waneesha Jackson, Ph.D. student in English Email: Description In seminar format, students will develop plans for a new college or university, shaping its mission, goals, academic focus, and physical and financial dimensions, and communicating that information in several different formats. Supporting the courses research, writing, and presentation expectations will be documents from existing colleges, information on the policy and social environment for such a venture, and requirements imposed by external entities such as governmental and accrediting agencies. The course will include interactions among two sets of student teams, several intermediary presentations, and a final presentation of the groups plans for the new institution to a panel of experts, including current or former members of the Universitys Board of Trustees, the University administration, and the Ohio Board of Regents. Approach The institution we design may be traditional or not, public or private, large or small, and its disciplinary focus may be in any direction that can pass the tests that the students themselves will apply to the concept. After the first three class meetings, students will break into teams to consider a range of issues important to the creation of the institution, such as the following: Sample Issues Governance Teams Constituency Teams Board of Trustees Senior Administration Faculty Leadership State Higher Ed. Officials, Accrediting Agencies Mission/purpose of the institution; overall governance/control Financial and facilities plan; quality controls; accurate information Curriculum design; admission standards; criteria for hiring Leaders of Major Foundations Need; commitment to sustainability; trustee contributions Accountability for grant funds; effective management model Standards; areas of emphasis; commitment to scholarship, teaching High School Counselors Nature of institution; mission/purpose Admissions policies; financial aid; student services; campus life Commitment to teaching; faculty role in advising; academic standards 1 Community Representatives Impact on economic development; impact on employment, taxes Impact on parking, police, fire, traffic; links with community Availability to address community priorities The work of these teams will provide the framework for much of the research, writing, discussion, and...
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Syllabus - Syllabus for USSO 269: Create-A-College, Spring...

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