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Mark Einsiedel There are a lot of angles to consider when creating a college or university. The college or university we create must obviously have a strong appeal to potential students. In my own humble opinion, the university we create should deliver a top-notch education. Just as importantly, I think this education should come without an insurmountable price tag. Additionally, I believe our university should offer a small- community, tight knit atmosphere where students can easily walk from building to building even on a chilling winter day. I also feel that the professors at our university should be dedicated to teaching, rather than simply personal research, and to providing individual attention to each student, both in and out of the classroom. Last but not least, our university should provide students with a rich social life and lots of activities in addition to opportunities to live on campus and take a wide variety of courses.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel that the best way to incorporate all of these aspects is to create a small, private university. The university should offer housing on and off campus to students and should be located in a town where a university would have the potential to thrive and the students can thrive when they are not studying for the rigorous classes in which they are enrolled. Our university should strive to hire professors with experience at top-quality colleges and universities as well as new professors who are just graduating and can give a fresh insight to students. All in all, I feel our university should not be one resting on its ivy laurels, but instead a university where the students are taught to think analytically, in an effort to prepare them for their exciting futures as a graduate of our university....
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