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Mark Einsiedel University Attractiveness One of the issues our new university faces is how attractive it will be to prospective students. Our university must obviously offer something that sets it apart from the other hundreds of other available institutions. I feel that through the requirement of participation in some form of extracurricular activities, our school can begin to distinguish itself from other similar institutions. High school guidance counselors will be pleased to inform their students that they can expect to be involved in their campus community. Guidance counselors can help target individual students who excel outside the sometimes confining walls of the classroom, acquainting them with a university in which they can thrive. High school counselors will also be capable of introducing
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Unformatted text preview: students who are well-rounded and highly active at their respective school, since our school requires some form of extracurricular activity while you are a member of the university. Likewise, a vast field of extracurricular activities will be available from varsity and intramural sports to poker clubs, Greek Life to common interest groups, and co-ops to internships. Whether the individual chooses an extracurricular activity that requires the investment of lots of time or a leisurely club that meets once a month is entirely up to the individual. Likewise, a requirement would also be that the student create a follow up writing of their experiences in their respective extracurricular activities....
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  • Spring '09
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