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ASSINGMENT #2: Oral Presentations Evaluation for: _________________________________(name of presenter) Topic: _________________________________ Code: + criteria met at a high level; criteria met ; √- more work needed Criteria Measure Circle one Comments: you succeeded because… you could improve by… Content Good opening: Makes clear what the project is about, why project is important and/or worth listening to. - + Good conclusion: Ends with a summary of key points and/or with a quote or story or anecdote to illustrate main idea. - + Argument makes sense, the ideas flow logically and coherently, with good segues, sources of evidence cited. - + Information is interesting: Ideas are presented with examples, stories, and anecdotes to clarify
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Unformatted text preview: points. √-√ √ + Clarity Words enunciated clearly, not mumbled, with effective pauses. √-√ √ + Use appropriate and vivid language, defines key terms, signposts the talk. √-√ √ + Spoken loud enough to be heard at the back. √-√ √ + Talk is paced well. Ends calmly in time allowed and is not rushed. √-√ √ + Non-verbal Good eye contact with audience. √-√ √ + Engaging manner (smiles, hand gestures) √-√ √ + No distracting mannerisms (patting hair, jangling coins in pocket, too many hand gestures) √-√ √ + Good use of audio-visual aids. Keeps pace with talk, not too cluttered, does not distract from spoken words. √-√ √ +...
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