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Systems Thinking - Music Industry - Mark Einsiedel USSY 204...

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Mark Einsiedel USSY 204 – Systems Thinking January 20, 2010 The Music Industry as a System Today, I read an article entitled “ Set to Re-Position the Digital Music Industry.” It really sparked some interest in me because I absolutely love music and the idea of iTunes possibly taking the music industry even a step further was remarkable. I thought of the vast music industry and how it applied to systems thinking, coming to the realization that the music industry is essentially a perfect model of a system. The music industry today, and in the past, has and always will be a quite intricate system. The system extends from the countless individuals and organizations including, but not limited to, musicians who perform the music, companies who sell the music, producers who sign the musicians, promoters and booking agents, talent managers, and radio disc jockeys. In one way or another, each of these individuals or organizations relies on one another, no matter how small the significance may initially seem. As the times have changed and technology has become increasingly advanced, so has the
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Systems Thinking - Music Industry - Mark Einsiedel USSY 204...

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