Systems Thinking - The Future

Systems Thinking - The Future - Mark Einsiedel USSY 204...

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Mark Einsiedel USSY 204 – Systems Thinking March 22, 2010 “The Future” Today, it really struck me how much people talk about “the future.” It was then that I began to think a peculiar thought, “Does ‘the future’ even exist?” While it may seem as a foolish question, allow me to explain. It is common knowledge that time is going to continue forward towards some “future” and that events will continue to occur just as they do now. However, does “the future,” as it is so frequently said, already exist or is the fact in fact variable and undefined? The only set of events that could possibly in any small, insignificant way affect the present are events that occurred in the past. Likewise, what we do today will affect us tomorrow, but for how long? Will these choices and actions have long-lasting effects, up to 100 years from now? It may seem like a philosophical question, but take this simple example into consideration: Suppose, for the sake of argument, that God exists and tells you that a man named Wojo will be the first person born in the year 2110. This simple example introduces an
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Systems Thinking - The Future - Mark Einsiedel USSY 204...

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