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FINAL PRESENTATION NAME: Mark Einsiedel GRADE: 47/50 COMMENTS: Great work—you seemed on top of your “game” (sorry I couldn’t help myself). Good intro to self and project, good use of images, nice engagement with audience through the “we all listen to music” approach. The “Why” was very clear and you made it relevant to two applications; you also gave us an example. The method was also pretty clear, though it got a little confusing (hard to see all the phases in the back of the room). Your qualifications as a music-listening-athlete were well chosen; I might have suggested that
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Unformatted text preview: you lean a little on psychology (as in, “I will be working with sociologists, etc.” or “I will be reading psychological research”). You had a few little “tics”—that is, saying “um” and an occasional nervous gesture, but on the whole you really came off natural and comfortable. The cost-benefit was a nice way to wrap up, too—and the QA was useful. I think you should have provided some of that info in the presentation, but we got it all in the end so good job!...
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