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Psychophysical Effects of Music

Psychophysical Effects of Music - Schedule green cell the...

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: Visual of the Stimulation of Music on the Brain e : from the study conducted at Milligan College ent of products to give athletes competitive advantages through the use of music e d Schedule: d green cell denotes that the task has been eted prior to the writing of this proposal. Psychophysical Effects of Music: How Music Can Affect Basketball Shooting Performance Project Proposal to Per Aage Brandt April 7, 2010 Mark Einsiedel Case Western Reserve University Introduction Dr. Per Aage Brandt, thank you in advance for taking the time to read and review this research project proposal. I look forward to potentially working with you as my advisor as I investigate the psychophysical effects of music on the shooting performance of basketball players. Proposed Research Project
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| 2 Most of us, at some point, have found ourselves tapping our foot to music or had the urge to get up and dance to music that we found particularly stimulating. My research project will investigate what, if any, effect listening to music has on the shooting performance of basketball players. This area of research is very relevant and important because athletes are constantly trying to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. Moreover, in a sports world recently dominated by tainted ways of improving performance through illegal steroids, this new form of a competitive advantage is 100% legal. If conclusive evidence is found to support my theory that music does in fact increase work output and performance, further products could be developed to tailor to individual athletes in order to give them such an advantage. In sports, individuals often find themselves listen to music to help keep their mind off performance slumps or to get them pumped up before the game begins. It is public knowledge that music can have the effect of increasing one’s mood, but little research has been done to investigate exactly how it affects the mind. Music serves a multitude of different purposes for different individuals. These purposes range from operating at the level of the individual while others are an integral part of our social lives. On an individual level, music provides an outlet for expressing one’s emotion, changing one’s mood, facilitating relaxation, providing stimulation, or providing a source of comfort and familiarity. Music also carries with it the ability to entertain, provide aesthetic enjoyment, and enhance the impact of other areas of art. While some is known on the effects of music on the brain as depicted in Figure 1 (right), my research project will examine the various important effects of music specifically on athletes, and whether there is a positive, negative, or neutral effect of music on basketball player’s shooting performance.
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Psychophysical Effects of Music - Schedule green cell the...

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