150 reading check cpt 6

150 reading check cpt 6 - 1. A language arts teacher...

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1. A language arts teacher teaches her students the parts of speech--noun, verb, adjective, and so on-- and wants her students to continue to remember them as they study English and foreign languages in the years to come. Considering the factors affecting retrieval of information from long-term memory, which one of the following strategies should maximize the likelihood that students will remember the different parts of speech over the long run? - Have students study them early in the fall and periodically review them in various contexts throughout the school year. 2. Students in a fifth grade classroom are studying dinosaurs. With the three conditions for meaningful learning in mind, choose the student who is most likely to engage in meaningful learning. -When the teacher describes the tremendous size of some of the dinosaurs, Becky remembers a huge brontosaurus skeleton she saw at a museum. 3.When we increase the wait time after teacher questions from one second to three seconds, we can expect students’ answers to those questions to: -Be longer and more complex 4. Tyler learns that Christopher Columbus’s first voyage across the Atlantic was financed
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150 reading check cpt 6 - 1. A language arts teacher...

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