M408D How to graph in 3D - later tlsc line bteaks and...

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DRAWING LESSON Three-dimensional Objects to Look Three-dimensional 1. Ereak lines. When one line passes behind another, break it to show that it doesn't touch and that Part of it is hidden. 2. Make the angle between the positive x-axis and the Posi- tiw y-aris large enough. 3. Draw planet parallel to the coordinate planes as if theY were rectangles with sides parallel to the coordinate axes. 4. Dot or omit hidden portions of liner Don't let the line touch the boundary of the parallelogram tlrat represents the plane, unless the line lies in the plane. How to Draw , h I I B c B CD bchind Aa Aa behind CD 4 Line in planc h, x ry ,/ Z Linc bclow planc ,a( ,./\"' I Croasing
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I arear f \l tn' L' 2 -1- A contact dot sometimes helps 5. Spherel: Draw thc sphere first (outline and cquator); draw axei, if any,
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Unformatted text preview: later. tlsc line bteaks and dottcd line!. 6. A general rulc for perpec-tive: Draw thc object as if it lies rcmc distarre away. below, and to $c left 7. To draw a plane that crcsJ€s all three coordinat€ axe+ fol-low the steps rhown here: (a) SketO the axes and mark the intercepts. (b) Connect the intercepts to form two sides of a parallelogram. (Q Complete thc parallelogram and enlarge it by drawing lines parallel to its rides. (d) Darken the expo:ed parts, break hidden lines, ard, if desired. dash hidden por-tions of th€ axes You may wish to erase tfie srnalhr parallelogram at thb point. Break -Sphere first T-ft Advice followed /\ \ z----s-Axes latcr Advicc ignorcd (d)...
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M408D How to graph in 3D - later tlsc line bteaks and...

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