Problem Solving - Problem Solving Types of problems...

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Problem Solving Types of problems Hindrances to problem solving o Sometimes automaticity A lot of what we do it automatic; ex – driving a car o Mental set (pg. 292) – a particular set of assumptions about how to go about and solve a problem; may be unspoken or something that you are unconsciously aware of Overcoming Hindrances Working backward o (pg. 293) Example from book about water lilies o Start with initial state and work towards the goal state; much easier way to go if on day 60 it is completely full then the day before it will be half full since the water lilies double each day Finding an appropriate analogy o Relate the problem we are trying to solve with something we are familiar with o Duncker – first psychologists to study problem solving Example in book about inoperable tumor One of the groups were given an analogy of a general trying to get to a fortress; different paths the soldiers took are analogous to the x- rays directed from different locations that converge on the tumor The elements of one problem are mapped on to the elements of another problem For the group who read the story about the general before trying to solve the problem they were successful Prior knowledge can help with problem solving o Putting into familiar context Reasoning task – Wason’s Given four cards, each has a letter or number written on it; your task is to verify a statement: If a card has a vowel on one side it must have an even number on the other side; task is to turn over only the card(s) that are necessary to verify the statement Isomorphic – problems that have exactly the same structure and rules but the content differs Illustrates how putting some cognitive task in some familiar context greatly enhances our performance Decision Making Decisions under uncertainty
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Problem Solving - Problem Solving Types of problems...

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