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ETE 280 Test Study Guide Gollnick - Chapter 5 Exceptionality Labeling Terms: labeling of exceptionality, types of exceptionality, normalization, mainstreaming, inclusion, IEP Special education populations – characteristics of each Variables that create disproportionate special education populations How exceptional cultural groups assimilate or don’t assimilate in society Needs of special education students Gollnick - Chapter 6 Language Terms – sign language (ASL), bilingualism, accents, dialects, bi-dialecticism, informal English, formal English, standard English, Black English-Ebonics, ESL, ELL, vernacular, colloquialisms, argot, BICS, CALPS, LEP Forms of nonverbal language Educational Implications- language assessments, official English controversy, schools providing bilingual education as opposed to English as a 2 nd lang. and the legal involvement Bilingual education – all aspects
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280+test+after+midterm+study+guide+Fall+09[1] - ETE 280...

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