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TIM-500 Project_1

TIM-500 Project_1 - recommended including one senior...

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“I have neither received nor given unsanctioned help in the completion of this assignment. I have not copied the ideas or work of others nor have I misrepresented myself or my work”, Joseph Murphy, Brian Wolosky, Joshua Fundis. Project Title: Development of the Department of Neurology. Project Start Date: September 2009 Project End Date: September 2011 Budget Information : The hospital has allocated $2 million for this project, but more is available if needed. The majority of costs will be used to purchase hardware/equipment. Project Manager : Joseph Murphy Project Objectives : Develop a department of Neurology to provide medical services to our patient population and to provide a department for the training of future neurologists. The equipment needed for this project includes electroencephalography and electromyography equipment. Additionally a building with rooms to house the equipment, meet with patients, room for office staff, and training of new Neurologists will be required. A seven member staff is
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Unformatted text preview: recommended including; one senior neurologist, three junior neurologists, and three administrative support staff to schedule patients and perform routine tasks. Main Project Success Criteria: The project should pay for itself completely and even turn profitable in one full year. Approach: Develop survey to find patient interest in Neurology department. Hire technical staff including; one senior neurologist and three junior neurologists within one month. Purchase electroencephalography and electromyography machines within two months. Hold weekly progress review meetings with project team. ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Name Role Position Contact Information Joseph Murphy Team Member Manager [email protected] Joshua Fundis Team Member Consultant [email protected] Brian Wolosky Team Member Consultant [email protected] Sign-off: Joshua Fundis Joseph Murphy Brian Wolosky Comments:...
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