TIM-500_Feedback - seems at bit fast. 8. The instructors...

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“I have neither received nor given unsanctioned help in the completion of this assignment. I have not copied the ideas or work of others nor have I misrepresented myself or my work”, Joseph Murphy. 1. The textbook for this was course great. 2. The textbook is the most useful for this course. 3. N/A 4. The most important contemporary topics are project integration and scope management. 5. The least useful is the human resources section. 6. The information is very useful. The information is at a level of sophistication I would call very appropriate. Yes the course moves me more toward a professional goal of becoming better at group management. 7. The difficulty and complexity of the course are appropriate for me, but the pace
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Unformatted text preview: seems at bit fast. 8. The instructors style was very effective for me. I would recommend this style as the best for the course. 9. I am not a fan of the group involvement in the big project. I know this seems selfish for a project management class, but the group held me back from getting everything in each report that I would like to have added. This is not a detriment against the professor, but it is more against my individual group. 10. None. 11. The best aspect of on-line courses for me was the ability to work whenever and wherever I was free. 12. I had no real problems with on-line learning, the professor always answered questions promptly and general communication was great....
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TIM-500_Feedback - seems at bit fast. 8. The instructors...

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