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1 “I have neither received nor given unsanctioned help in the completion of this assignment. I have not copied the ideas or work of others nor have I misrepresented myself or my work”, Joseph Murphy, Joshua Fundis, Brian Wolosky The purpose of this project is to establish a Department of Neurology at the University hospital. Most major University hospitals have a center for Neurology and this can be a huge opportunity to advance the treatment and respect of this hospital. Neurology is the branch of medicine that specializes in dealing with disorders of the nervous system. It is called the study of the nervous system and its diseases. “It deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of disease involving the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems, including their coverings, blood vessels, and all effector tissue, such as muscle” (ACGME Program Requirements 2007). There are two types of doctors that deal with neurology. Neurosurgeons perform the surgical aspects and neurologists are physicians trained in neurology, and in the investigation/treatment of neurological disorders. More often neurologists are involved in research and trails than are neurosurgeons. Neurology treats diseases like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and since research is still continuing, our department would aid in this research. To establish this department a building with rooms to house equipment, meet with patients, room for office staff, and training of new Neurologists will be required. If there is room in the current hospital building, that will suffice, but construction of a separate building is also a possibility. Staff will be needed for administration purposes, as well as, treatment and research. A seven member staff is recommended including; one senior neurologist, three junior neurologists, and three administrative support staff to schedule patients and perform routine
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2 tasks. At the time there are no plans for a neurosurgery center, so no neurosurgeons will be needed. This staff will provide patient care as well as the training of other neurology students. The senior neurologist would act as a mentor to the three junior neurologists and aid in their training. This “on-the-job” training will greatly aid in successful completion of school work and lead to an expansion for the department in the future if needed. The senior neurologist would also head the research. Research opportunities to find cures for many of the neurological diseases are available. This research will include clinical trials and laboratory based investigations. The main equipment needed for this department is electroencephalography and
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TIM-500_Project_Report2_3_ - 1 I have neither received nor...

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