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“I have neither received nor given unsanctioned help in the completion of this assignment. I have not copied the ideas or work of others nor have I misrepresented myself or my work”, Joseph Murphy. Report 1 – web research, wrote entire report. Report 2 – web research, wrote first 1 ½ pg introduction. Report 3 – web research, wrote entire written section, created flow chart. Report 4 – web research, wrote entire report including descriptive written section, created
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Unformatted text preview: organizational chart & responsibility matrix. Report 5 – web research, library research, created task list chart, Gantt chart, wrote all descriptive text information, created Paths & Durations table, and Early Start, Late Start, Early Finish, & Late Finish table. Report 6 – web research, wrote entire report, made all charts. Report 7a & 7b – web research involving identifiable risks, wrote bibliography....
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