Principles of Information Security Spring 2010

Principles of Information Security

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Principles of Information Security Spring 2010 1. _____________security addresses the design, implementation, and maintenance of countermeasures that protect the physical resources of an organization. Physical 2. The __________ lock may rely on a key that is a carefully shaped piece of metal, which a person rotates to turn tumblers to release secured loops of steel, aluminum, or brass. Mechanical 3. A specialized type of keycard reader is the _________________________ reader, which allows individuals simply to carry their cards within the lock’s range for recognition. Proximity 4. Building codes require that each floor have a number of _________________________ or walls that will limit the spread of damage should a fire break out in an office. firewalls 5. Thermal detection systems contain a sophisticated heat
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Unformatted text preview: Sensor 6. Some sprinkler systems are installed as a ____________ system, in which all of the individual sprinkler heads are kept open, and as soon as the system is activated, water will be immediately applied to all areas. Deluge 7. Halon is one of a few chemicals designated as a(n) _________________________ agent, which means that it does not leave any residue after use, nor does it interfere with the operation of electrical or electronic equipment. Clean 8. __________ is the amount of moisture in the air. Humidity 9. A(n) _________________________ or offline UPS is an offline battery backup that detects the interruption of power to the power equipment. Standby 10. The U.S. government has developed a program, named _________________________ to reduce the risk of EMR monitoring. TEMPEST...
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