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Linguistics 1 Homework #5 Due Wednesday, March 3 Part One From the textbook, do exercise 8(A-G only) and 9 , from Chapter 5 . Part Two For each of the following sentences, show that you understand the ambiguity by giving a paraphrase for each meaning and identify whether the ambiguity is structural (due to different tree structures) or lexical (due to homonymy or polysemy). Draw the different tree structures for those sentences that are structurally ambiguous. For those that are lexically ambiguous, identify whether the ambiguity is due to homonymy or polysemy. a. My friend had to wait on me. b. Chewing tobacco can be harmful to your health. c. It will be hard to find the store without a sign. d. I wasn’t very close to my sister when that happened. e. That guy was stinking bad. ( Find at least three meanings ) Part Three For the italicized words in each of the following groups of sentences, say whether they represent
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Unformatted text preview: homonyms or different senses of the same polysemous word and briefly explain your decision. Hint: look in the Oxford English Dictionary, available online via the UC Davis Library ( under Electronic Databases; use the VPN link to connect from off campus). Remember: homonyms have different dictionary entries and, generally, different etymologies; polysemous words do not. You need to cram these things into the closet. You need to cram for the test tomorrow. I like to drink soda with a straw . We need to put more straw on the floor of the barn. There were bits and pieces of glass everywhere. I lost one of the bits for this drill. I wore a tie to school yesterday. The game ended in a tie . Everyone had a ball at the party. The little boys just wanted to play with the ball . Cinderella danced with the prince at the ball....
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