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FMS1 Syllabus -fisher - FMS1 Fisher/1 Introduction to Film...

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FMS1 Fisher/1 Introduction to Film Studies Course: FMS 1 Prof. Jaimey Fisher, TR 1210-100 EVRSN 176/ Scrng M 710-1000 Wellman2 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: TR1130-1200, T 110-210 Office: Sproul 409 The course aims to introduce students to various aspects of film studies, including film analysis, film history, as well as film (especially genre and auteur) theory. The main focus of the course, however, is on film analysis, particularly on the technical and narrative analysis of feature films that will entail a close viewing of the films. The class aims above all at fostering critical viewing, viewing that requires keen analytic skills as well as a good visual memory. Along these lines, each film will be screened once, but you are also encouraged to see the film again on your own. The course introduces students to the technical aspects of film, including narrative technique, cinematography, editing, mise-en-scene, and sound; it also offers a survey to film history as well as important international movements, including early cinema, Soviet Montage, German Weimar Cinema, Italian Neorealism (incl. its influence on South-Asian art cinema), the U.S. film noir, and “New Asian” cinema. We shall be examining, among other topics, the social, cultural, and political contexts of film as a medium as well as of particular films. The main objective for the course is for students to be able to view films critically, to develop a systematic and convincing interpretation of the film out of this critical viewing, and to articulate this analysis in a well-constructed and persuasive essay. § Readings Most of the readings are in the Bordwell and Thompson text, Film Art: An Introduction [Ninth Edition] (abbreviated B-T hereafter); earlier editions are fine (just read corresponding chapter) Some are on electronic reserves; I shall send email instructions on obtaining these. § Filmography (In Order of Appearance)
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FMS1 Syllabus -fisher - FMS1 Fisher/1 Introduction to Film...

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