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10/06/09 CMN 101 Class Notes Key Concepts: Mind: The ability to use symbols that have common social meanings. Humans must develop minds through interactions with others. Self: The ability to reflect on ourselves from the perspective of others Looking Glass Self: Our ability to see ourselves in the reflection of another person’s gaze to see ourselves as another sees us Pygmalion Effect: Living up to or down to another’s expectations. Society: The web of social relationships humans created and respond to. It exists prior to the individual, but it is also created and shaped by the individual Particular Others: Individuals who are significant to us Generalized Others:
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Unformatted text preview: The attitude of the whole community/culture Objections to theory content: 1. Too much emphasis is placed on the power of the actor to create reality (ex. Bad American Idol contestant) 2. The theory doesn’t consider humans are unique individuals 3. Religious folks argues that the theory deemphasizes the presence of a soul 4. It’s an overstatement. ex. Mutes, are they any less human because they lack the ability to speak? Critique: Strengths 1. Great heuristic value 2. Logical 3. Insightful Critique: Weakness 1. Too broad to be insightful 2. Terminology is too vague 3. Difficult to falsify (can’t be tested)...
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