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CMN 105 Exam 1 Study Guide

CMN 105 Exam 1 Study Guide - ‘moos’ 9 Q Difference...

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CMN 105 Exam 1-Lecture Study Guide General Semantics 1. Q: What is the key approach that General Semantics suggests we all apply in our every day lives and in our everyday conversations? 2. Q: From a general semantics point of view, what is delusionality? Q: What makes on person saner than another? Q: What is the key to understanding one another? 3. Movie: Justice For All > note examples of contradictions > Lawyer Arthur Kirkland is asked to defend the judge he hates. > Second judge is suicidal 4. Q: Definitions/Differences 5. Q: Difference between a signal and symbol reaction? 6. Q: Hayakawa’s famous saying “the word is not the thing…etc.” What were some examples of the ways in which people confuse words with reality? 7. Q: What was Korzybski’s dictum? Q: What does the map/territory metaphor mean? Q: How can maps mislead? 8. Q: What’s wrong with saying something like “a cow is called a cow because it
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Unformatted text preview: ‘moos’? 9. Q: Difference between facts, inferences, opinions and value judgment? Q: Which are the most reliable? 10. Q: What is an operational definition? 11. Q: What were the suggested ways of responding to value judgments? 12. Q: What does it mean to have an intentional orientation? 14: Q: Difference between two-valued and multi-valued thinking? Q: Why is multi-valued thinking preferred? Q: Why are science and democracy considered to be multi-valued approaches to life and understand? Q: Which famous person was discussed in regards to this topic? Why? 15. Q: Extensional Orientation? Q: How does one develop an extensional orientation? 16. Q: Know each of the Extensional Devices: 17. Q: What is the “abstraction ladder?” Q: What is on the ladder? Q: What happens once we are off that ladder?...
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CMN 105 Exam 1 Study Guide - ‘moos’ 9 Q Difference...

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