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Barriers to Rational Discussions Receivers of information and persuasive arguments must be on guard constantly against ______________________________________ that can creep into the discussion and reduce or destroy the credibility of what is being said. The following are the most common errors in rational thought that are made by both individuals and problem-solving groups. 1. _________________________________ . The first type is the hasty generalization, based on too few examples. The second is the unrepresentative generalization; which occurs when the examples drawn upon are not representative of the class to which the generalization is applied. 2. _________________________________. This type of fallacious reasoning occurs when someone assumes there is a causal relationship between two variables when in fact it could just be a coincidence, a correlation, or some other cause all together. 3. ________________________________. When someone draws
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Unformatted text preview: conclusion on the basis of temporary circumstances that may not be representative of the longer term situation. 4. ___________________________________. Using someone’s opinion as fact. Believing that experts know everything on a subject. 5. ____________________________________ This is rejection of a piece of evidence simply because of the source of the evidence. (Even a bad source can often provide valid evidence.) 6. ____________________________________ Simply because something has been done a certain way in the past, it does not follow that it is either a satisfactory or desirable way of doing it in the future. 7. _____________________________________ Simply because a large number of people hold an opinion, it does not follow that the opinion is valid. 8. ______________________________________ . Just because an underdog or the common people believe something doesn’t make it so. (Reverse snobbery.)...
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