CMN 105 Lecture - Language and the Internet Lecture

CMN 105 Lecture - Language and the Internet Lecture -...

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Language and the Internet Lecture By David Crystal Communicating over the Internet is not the same as communicating all the ways we were communicating before 1960 when the Internet was created. Over the years, a new form, mode, style of communicating is unfolding. “Will the English-dominated Internet spell the end of other tongues?” “Quite e-vil: the mobile phone whisperers.” “A major risk for humanity.” Perceived advantages : Perceived dangers : Do the relaxed standards of emails signal the end of literacy and spelling as we know it? Will the Internet herald a new era of technobabble? Will linguistic creativity and flexibility be lost as globalizations imposes sameness? The fear that the Internet has created regarding the decline of human language, as the academics, the elite classes cherish. There’s a morphing that is alarming to a class, sub-culture of America. Not really a global community. We are still hanging out in circles of similarity. We can easily cross the boundary just by googling into a new area—you are in. But basically, we have all have our “favorite sites” and that is the culture. It’s not really global at all from a day to day basis. The potential of globalality is there, and many do respond to the call, but only those predisposed that way to begin with. If you’re a redneck in your life, you’re a redneck on the web. If you’re a conspiracy theorist in real life, you ‘re a…. What kind of communication is Internet communication? (He analyzes the following methods of use Language of the web
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Email Chat rooms Virtual worlds Instant messaging Blogging Bill Gates recommendation: “Write as you talk.” Speech is… Writing is… A new form, not even a hybrid, form/style/mode of communicating has happened and is evolving and defining itself as we speak. Perhaps it’s the moving conveyer of writing and speech. Maybe writing and speech is more the attitude than the
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CMN 105 Lecture - Language and the Internet Lecture -...

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