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Exam #1 Text Study Guide This study guide is subject to change . All changes will be clarified and discussed during the exam review session. Chapter One: The Challenge of Organizational Communication 1. What are the four (relatively new) aspects of our world that make it complicated? What makes them important? (2-9) 2. What are demographics and what were the four changes identified? (8) (You don’t need to know the actual numbers.) 3. What are the questions confronting organizational communication scholars as they consider demographic shifts? (9) 4. What are the five critical features that define an organization? (10) 5. What are the other types of organizations described? (10-11) Chapter Two: Classical Approaches 1. What are cottage industries and what happened to them in the late 19 th century? (16) 2. According to the theories of Fayol, Weber, and Taylor, what makes organizations like machines? Know the meanings for each of the terms— specialization, standardization, replaceability, and predictable. (17-18)
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CMN136-STGuide=Exam1-CMN136-ham - Exam #1 Text Study Guide...

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