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Syllabus 136 - CMN 136Organizational Communication Course...

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CMN 136— Organizational Communication Course Syllabus * You are required to know all the information presented in this course syllabus. Instructor: Virginia Hamilton, Ph.D. Course Description : CMN 136 presents a broad range of theories, concepts, and prescriptions pertinent to essential communication processes that commonly occur within the workplace. For those who plan to join organizations requiring team-based work and/or for those who aspire to be organizational leaders in the future, this course will be particularly useful. Further, for those who are interested in communication theory in general and organizational theory, specifically, this course will provide a sufficiently strong academic background for graduate-level study. All students taking this course can expect to be academically challenged by both the lecture and reading material. The primary learning objective of the course, however, is to provide all attentive and participating students with practical preparation and increased confidence in their ability to succeed within the future organizations in which they choose to work. Required Reading: Miller, K. (2003). Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes . 5 th Edition. Thomson: Wadsworth. ISBN# 978-0-495-56551-2 Evaluation Method: Your grade will be based on three multiple-choice exams, 50 questions each. Each exam is of equal weight, and the final exam is NOT cumulative. To calculate your grade, add your scores for all three exams, add any additional extra credit points you earned (see “extra credit” below,) and then divide by 150 to get your percentage. 97 - 100% = A+ (4.0) 94 – 96% = A (4.0) 90 – 93 % = A- (3.7) 87 - 89 % = B+ (3.3) 84 – 86% = B (3.0) 80 – 83 % = B- (2.7) 1
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77 – 79 % = C+ (2.3) 74- 76 % = C (2.0) 70 – 73% = C- (1.7) 67 – 69% = D+ (1.3) 64 – 66 % = D (1.0) 60 – 63% = D- (.7) 59% or below = F Extra Credit A maximum of two points of extra credit can be earned. Ways to do so will be announced in class. Exams
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Syllabus 136 - CMN 136Organizational Communication Course...

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