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Q-CMN 136 Exam 1 Text Study Guide - . Q: Organizational...

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CMN 136 Exam 1-Text Study Guide Chapter 1: Challenges of Organizational Communication 1. Q: What are the four (relatively new) aspects of our world that make it complicated? Q: What makes them important? 2. Q: What are demographics? Q: What were the four changes identified? 3. Q: What were the questions confronting organizational communication scholars as the consider demographic shifts? 4. Q: What are the 5 critical features that define an organization ? 5. Q: What are the other types of organizations described? Chapter 2: Classical Approaches 1. Q: What are cottage industries? Q: What happened to them in the late 19 th century?
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Unformatted text preview: . Q: Organizational powers, rewards, & attitudes? 4. Q: According to Max Weber’s Classical Theory, specifically, the functioning if authority, what are the 3 types of authority described? 5. Q: According to Taylor’s principles of scientific management, what are the 4 Tenets of efficient organizations? 6. Q: What are the characteristics of the communication within classical organizations? Chapter 3: Human Relations Approaches 7. Q: What were the Hawthorne studies? Q: How were these studies a springboard for the human relations approach? Q: What is the Hawthorne effect? . 8. Q: What were the changes that resulted from the Hawthorne studies? 9. Q: What were the needs described in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? What do they each mean?...
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Q-CMN 136 Exam 1 Text Study Guide - . Q: Organizational...

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