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CMN 136 Exam 2 Lecture Study Guide Learning Organizations/New Skills/Trends 1. Q: What are the trends in the business environment? What does each one mean and what examples were discussed in class? 2. Q: What is a learning organization? Why are learning organizations becoming the growing trend in organizational approaches? 3. Q: What are the new skills required to lead in learning organizations ? What are the advantages of each one and what do they involve knowing or doing? 4. Q: What are Pfeffer’s seven practices of ideal organizations
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Unformatted text preview: ? Know what each one of them means and the examples mentioned in class. Leadership and Managing 1. Q: What are the various qualities of a leader? 2. Q: What are Goleman’s six styles of leadership ? How do they compare? Which ones are the most effective and why? Which ones affect climate negatively? How many leadership styles does he suggest having? 3. Q: What are the eight roles of a manager and what do each of them do?...
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