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Syllabus_CMN 141-Hwang

Syllabus_CMN 141-Hwang - CMN 141 Media Effects Professor...

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CMN 141 Media Effects Professor Hyunseo Hwang 373 Kerr Hall E-mail: [email protected] Office hour: Course Description: This course examines the use and effects of mass communication for individuals and societies. It will cover such questions as who is affected, what effects occur and how much, what different media content is involved, and what situations make effects more or less likely. The focus will be on learning how to think about and understand mass communication use and effects, rather than on memorizing a catalogue of facts. This is a social science course. That is, almost all we know about effects and how they do or do not occur comes from research using content analyses, surveys, and experiments. Thus, the student must expect to deal with the results of studies and the uncertainties researchers experience in interpreting those results. This does not require any statistical expertise, but can involve readings and lectures displaying tables and figures from studies. Texts: Bryant, Jennings & Thompson, Susan. (2002). Fundamentals of media effects . Boston: McGraw Hill. The additional required readings are available on the course web site. Lectures will move quickly and will assume knowledge of readings assigned for that day. Lectures and readings will complement each other, rather than being redundant, so you will need to do the readings regularly. The amount of reading is moderate, but you will often need to read
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