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sld004 - Purgatorio | — Highlights 1 The Poet’s...

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Unformatted text preview: Purgatorio | — Highlights 1. The Poet’s Invocation tn the Mn sos. 2. The seeond part of the poem begins with the approaeh of Dawn. Dante feels renewed as he sees fen r stars into the heavens. 3. Then he sees a dignified old man standing near him. He is Cate of Utiea who questions Dante and Virgil as he assumes they escaped fi‘om Hell. 4. Virgil explains the purpose of Dante’s journey, and Cato insthets Virgil to make sure Dante is eleansed with a reed. 1. The two deseend to the shore, and Virgil perfonns the cleansing ritual. ...
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