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reading check chapt2 - 1. Which one of the following...

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1. Which one of the following statements reflects a concern about the separation and control of variables? A . "I have two tests to study for tonight--science and Spanish. I'll study one subject before dinner and the other one after dinner so I don't get them confused." B . "I'm trying to learn how to do a lay-up shot. Can you show me all the things I should do, going one step at a time?" C . "How do you think I should make amends with Martha? If I tell her I'm sorry, she might think I'm lying." D . "I'm catching more tadpoles today, but I don't know if it's because I'm using a larger container to catch them or because I'm working in a different part of the frog pond." 2. The following four junior high school science teachers are teaching the concept molecule to their students. In each classroom, some of the students are at Piaget's formal operations stage and others are at the concrete operations stage. In which classroom are the concrete operational students most likely to have difficulty understanding? A . Mr. Davidson has students role-play being neutrons, protons, and electrons. The "neutron" and "proton" students huddle together in the middle of the room, and the "electrons" move around them. B . Mr. Armani lets students touch and manipulate concrete models of various molecules. C . Mr. Bendetti lets students look at the same concrete models that Mr. Armani has used. D . Mr. Carmen verbally describes how different elements are made up of different numbers of neutrons, protons, and electrons. 3. Which one of the following best illustrates Piaget's concept of accommodation? A. Anne is given 10 more addition problems when she does the first 10 carelessly. B. Donna revises her understanding of what clouds are like when she studies them in science. C. Betsy writes down her definition of a mollusk--something she learned word for word from her textbook. D.
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reading check chapt2 - 1. Which one of the following...

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