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sld014 - Purgatorio XV — Highlights Passage frnm the...

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Unformatted text preview: Purgatorio XV — Highlights Passage frnm the secnnd tn the third terrace An Angel perfnrms the ritual nf passage, alnng with the cleansing cf the secnnd P. The Beatitude is: Blessed are the Merciful. Digressinn: the difference between eartth and heavenly pnssessinns. Third Terrace: Here the sin nf Wrath is cleansed. Examples nf Meekness, virtue nppnsite tn the sin nf Wrath: 1. The Virgin Mary questinns Christ at the Temple. 2. Pisistratus fnrgives the man when embraced his daughter. 3. Lazarus, the first martyr, as he was stnned tn death. The pnets enter a thick black clnnd nf fag. ...
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