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sld008 - Pnrgaterie XXI — Highlights Statius As Dante and...

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Unformatted text preview: Pnrgaterie XXI — Highlights Statius As Dante and Virgil walk aleng the Terrace ef the Avariciens, a shade appears and speaks te them. Virgil explains Dante’s physical presence tn him, and asks why the menntain has shaken. The shade explains that The menntain shakes when a see] feels it is time te advance. In fact, the Menntain ef Pnrgatery is net affected by Nate re, such as rain, winds, and lightning, bnt enly when a see] feels it is time te meve en. This time, the menntain trembled te release the Latin peet Stan'us, an imitater ef Virgil, anther ef miner epics en Achillm and Thebes. Stalins expresses his desire te have lived at the same time as Virgil, and te have met thepeet. Dante reveals Virgil’s identity te Statins, and the twe embrace, enly te realize that beth are shades. ...
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