exam2 - Brand Mind Maps What does a specific brand mean to...

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Brand Mind Maps: What does a specific brand mean to you? Brands · Important tangible corporate assets- adds value to what holds that brand o Example: Walt Disney, Sony · Provide the basis for developing effective IBP campaigns- everything built around brand names. 2009 Top 10 Most Valuable Brands, appeared in USA Today. Coca Cola tops list followed by IBM, Microsoft at #3 · *** A BRAND IS A PROMISE-a well known brand is a promise of what it will deliver · Brand Mind Map- A structure of attributes, associations, comparisons, and other elements through which a consumer creates meaning fro an individual brand · Brand info is stored as it relates to: o Attributes o Other objects: or, o Events, people, and experiences · Brand Sense by Martin Lindstrom o Builds a case for sensory branding · Harley- Davidson s Engine Sound o A distinctive part of the brand experience · Range of sounds associated with experience o Honda Civic Choir commercial · Who is the most developed brand in the world in terms of sensory branding? o Singapore Airlines introduced a campaign based on the personal experience of traveling; entertainment company o We are not an airline, we are an entertainment company · Our emotions are strongly linked to smell of the 5 senses, smell is the most provocative in the sense of provocative and emotions · Behavior College of Medicine Brain Scan Study o Blind taste test = even split, brain used ventro-lateral prefrontal cortex only o Colas identified = 3 of 4 choose Coke, brain used hippocampus and another part of prefrontal cortex · Brand Loyalty overrides Taste! · 5 Questions: o Key consumer insight o Rational- Why important? o Advertiing appeal or theme
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o Rationale- why appeal would work? o Mix changes- 3 P s · Brand Maps Summary o A structure of attributes, etc. through which a consumer creates meaning for a brand o Brand info: 1. Attributes, 2. Other objects, 3. Events, experiences, and people o 5 senses used to gather info that is stored brand mind maps rich potential for understanding consumer s perspective Tag Meeting Tonight · 7:30PM E*Trade s Girl Friend · Lindsay Lohan is suing E*Trade for this commercial · She says that the character that appears in the commercial is Lindsay Lohan · Babies commercial talking like adults . Called Lindsay a knucklhead Knuckle what? · Lindsay Lohan Sues E*Trade for $100,000,000 The Communication Process · Thinking of advertising and IBP as a force that moves people up a series of steps toward adoption o They are a reasonable power of influence o They play off of what the culture is all about o Advertising is about establishing long-term relationships · Communication: The sharing of meaning · Another Definition: The process by which an individual transmits stimuli to modify the attitudes and behavior of other individuals. o Works in persuasive marketing situations o
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exam2 - Brand Mind Maps What does a specific brand mean to...

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