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CECS 526 Exercise Problems on Virtual Memory 1. This problem illustrates thrashing. Consider a main memory that consists of 90 page frames. Nine identical programs reside in the main memory and make references according to the following page trace: ϖ = (0123456789) Note that the fault rate of each program is zero and the CPU utilization is 100%. Assume that a tenth program, identical to the others, is loaded, so each program now has nine frames. Compute the page-fault rate and the effective access time, assuming an LRU replacement policy and a page fault time of 10 4 virtual time units. 2. Suppose that a computer executes each instruction in 1 μ s, where each instruction makes two memory accesses. Assume the following: a) Ninety percent of the accesses are made through the associative registers. In this case no paging overhead is incurred. b) When an access is made through a page table, overhead of a half microsecond is incurred. c)
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