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CECS 474 Computer Network Interoperability Performance Issues Supplement Performance Networks need high performance (or high performance per unit cost). The old computer adage, “Get it right and then make it fast,” may not apply. Networks must be designed at the outset for speed. Bandwidth Defn : Network bandwidth is the measure of the capacity of a transmission system. Bandwidth is measured in Hertz. Defn : Network throughput is the number of bits that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time. Example : 10 million bits/sec (Mbps) => 0.1 μ sec to transmit each bit Dr. Tracy Bradley Maples (Fall 2009)
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Bandwidth (Cont’d) You can think of each bit on a network as being a pulse of some width. The more sophisticated the transmission/receiving technology, the narrrower each bit can become. Other factors (e.g., software) affect the throughput as well. Bandwidth vs. Throughput vs. Effective Throughput Throughput = bulk number of bits/sec on a channel Effective Throughput or “Goodput” = measured performance of a
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Performance-Suppl - CECS 474 Computer Network...

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