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ExamIII-Info-F09 - semester As such I may ask high-level...

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CECS 572 A DVANCED C OMPUTER N ETWORKING INFORMATION FOR EXAM III Exam Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 The exam will be grouped into three sections: I. True/False and multiple choice (40 points). II. Short answer (60 points). For the short answer section, you will be given some choice of which questions from which you can choose. For example, you may be asked to answer three out of four possible questions. Please be sure to follow the directions provided for each section of the exam. Questions will be based on: o The topics covered in class o Chapters 4.4.3-4.5.2 (pages 363-489); 5 (all); 6.1-6.5.0 (pages 523-566); and 8.1-8.3 (pages 687-721) of the Kurose & Ross Textbook (5 th Edition) o The course notes o Although, this exam is not strictly speaking cummulative, it is the final exam for this
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Unformatted text preview: semester. As such, I may ask high-level overview questions about the Internet or TCP/IP that bring the concepts we’ve studied together. Skimming Chapter 1 might be an appropriate way to study for this type of question. • I try to ask questions that test concepts and your ability to apply those concepts. In general, you will not be asked to provide “picky details”. You are, however, responsible for any mathematical analysis (e.g., propagation delay) or special techniques we covered in detail during class or on your assignments. IMPORTANT FUTURE DATES: CECS 572 Final Project Submission: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 by 5:00 pm Dr. Tracy Bradley Maples (Fall 2009)...
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