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Four students in Mr. Kent's physical education class have just done poorly on the school district's physical fitness test. Which student is exhibiting a mastery goal? A . Robert plans to start working out this very weekend so he will be in better shape. Because his father is the school football coach, everyone expects Robert to excel in athletics. B. Patrice is very upset about her poor performance and plans to work very hard to do better next year because she doesn't want her friends to think that she's a wimp. C. Oliver is going to come back after class to look at his scores and ask Mr. Kent for suggestions about how to improve in his weak areas. D. Muriel gets As in all her other classes so she doesn't mind getting a C in physical education. 2. Maggie does her homework primarily to gain her teacher's approval. She has little internal desire to do her homework, although she does feel slight twinges of guilt when she fails to get an assignment done on time. Of the four stages through which internalized motivation evolves, Maggie appears to be in the ________ stage. A. introjection B. integration C. external regulation D. identification 3. Four students in Ms. Bennett's social studies class have to give an oral report on a country of their choosing. Which one of the students appears to have a mastery goal? A . Francis wants to give a good presentation on the United Arab Emirates because he needs to improve his overall class grade. B. John does his report on Spain because that is where his family is from. He has enjoyed talking to his grandfather about what it is like to live in Spain . C. When Eldon gives his report on Hungary, he stands straight and speaks clearly because he wants to impress his teacher and fellow students with his knowledge and ability. D. As Holly gives her report on Mongolia, she is very nervous. She is afraid she might make a fool of herself in front of her classmates. 4. Which one of the following teachers is most likely to promote intrinsic motivation in his or her students? A . Ms. Carlsen tells students in her algebra class that she is extremely disappointed in their performance on the last test. B. Mr. Davidow sends "good news" letters home to parents whenever students have a B average or better. C. Mr. Albert promises his students that if they all finish their short stories by Friday morning, he will give them a half an hour of free time on Friday afternoon. D. Ms. Benedetti describes events in history so vividly that her students are captivated during the entire lesson.
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5. You have several students with learning disabilities in your class, and you want to help them improve their reading skills. From the perspective of attribution theory, you should: A. Reinforce them when they demonstrate proficiency in reading. B.
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reading check11 - Four students in Mr Kent's physical...

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