572-project-topics - • Wireless Sensor Networks Also FYI...

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CECS 572 Advanced Computer Networking Final Project Suggestions Check out the “Author’s Recommended Links” provided by Kurose & Ross for project ideas. These links contain many excellent references. http://wps.aw.com/aw_kurose_network_5 Here are some additional topics you may be interested in: Creating a project using Ethereal/WireShark (as referenced in our text) Creating a project using OPNET a sophisticated network modeling and simulation package Voice or Video Compression over networks Quality of Service (QoS) IPv4 vs. IPv6 with a particular focus on security, or performance, or… Gigabit to the Desktop Issues Storage Area Networks (SAN) Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) DNS and BIND Network Security and Encryption Wireless Networking on a large scale
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Unformatted text preview: • Wireless Sensor Networks Also, FYI, here are some project topics chosen by CECS 572 students in previous semesters: • Firewalls and Network Security • Interactive Multimedia: Video on Demand • Wireless LANs and Thin-Client Computing • Network Security: An Electronic Payment System • Real-time Transmission Strategies • Gigabit Ethernet • IP over ATM Networks • Email Bomb Attacks • Satellite Personal Communications System • Optical Networking • Network Architectures for Cluster Computing • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) • Internet Telephony (VoIP) • High Speed ATM Firewalls • Public-Key Infrastructure Dr. Tracy Bradley Maples (Fall 2009) Dr. Tracy Bradley Maples (Fall 2009)...
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572-project-topics - • Wireless Sensor Networks Also FYI...

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