HW3_333_sp2010 - Name:__Muhammad Ali Arshad___ PSU...

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Unformatted text preview: Name:__Muhammad Ali Arshad___ PSU ID:___97383508___ PSU email:__mwa5099_____ Section:____001__ Econ 333 McCann HW #3: Ch. 6, 7 due on Wednesday March 24 at 11:59pm How to submit Homework via Drop box on ANGEL: Homework assignments must be completed in Microsoft Word ( file extension .doc only ) or PDF format. Any homework submitted in other formats will not be accepted and will not receive credit . Homework assignments must be typed. Any graphs must be drawn in the Microsoft Word document using the insert shapes and insert text box tools. Information on how to create graphs in Microsoft Word is available on ANGEL, in the folder for the first Homework assignment. Homework must be submitted by the due date and time to the associated drop box on ANGEL. Email homework submissions are not acceptable . Only homeworks submitted via drop box will receive credit. Note that the drop box closes at the due date and time, and late homework will not be accepted . The maximum file size for each homework is 2 MB. At the top of each homework file is: Name:_______ PSU ID:_____ PSU email:_____ Section:____. Make sure you fill in your name, PSU ID, PSU email and your section. If you have class TR starting at 9:45am you are in section 001. If you have class TR starting at 11:15am, you are in section 002 . You may only submit each assignment once so make sure you submit the correct file. When you enter the drop box in folder homework 3 under lessons in ANGEL, put the name of the assignment ( Homework 3 ) and your name in the title area. Then attach your homework and click on submit. IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to re-enter the drop box after you have submitted your homework to double check and make sure your homework is there and has been attached and submitted correctly and according to these instructions. When you are checking your submission, you should also open your homework attachment to double check and make sure the file opens and that you have submitted the correct file, in the correct file format (.doc or .pdf file extensions only). Use this homework assignment document as a template for your homework. In order to use the ANGEL drop box, you must use either Firefox or Internet Explorer as your web browser. Safari and other browsers will not allow you to attach files to the ANGEL drop box. You may work on the homework with other students but each student must hand in their own work by the due date and time. NOTE: your homework may not match another students. If ANY part of your homework matches another students assignment, you will receive a zero, no exceptions . Remember to always show your work. If a question requires any calculations at all, you must show all of your calculations to get full credit....
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HW3_333_sp2010 - Name:__Muhammad Ali Arshad___ PSU...

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