AMH2097_Notes - C HINESE I N CHINA Push FACTORS Government...

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CHINESE IN CHINA: Push FACTORS Government: Overpopulation: not enough resources to distribute to Imperialism: Other countries wanted tea, opium, and rice o Children adopted European ways. (Not listening to parents, etc.) Weather: Series of Floods and Droughts (hurt production of crops, starved population) o Tsunami: Two: Hurt people in the Canton Province (England takes over) War and Rebellion: o War against Russia and Japan. o Simultaneous rebellion (children against traditional parent, and clan against emperor) o Kills 20 million: perhaps a good thing (lol!) o 500,000 leave for the Western coast of US: (Hawaii, Philippines, Canada, Mexico) Money? Pull FACTORS for the Chinese (heard about workers needed thru trading) Gold o Gum Saan –“gold mountain” 1849 (Gold Rush) The West—LAND Work o Return Migration: an individual who immigrates for a period of time and plans on moving back to their own country o Elders send their best candidates to the US. (single males) Worked for a period of years, return with money, hand it to the oldest male, and he introduces you to wife. Then he is sent back to repeat process and return to meet his child. Goes back and forth until he spends approximately 30 years. A person who stays too long will assimilate. o 6 months from China to US in a boat. o Physical features made Chinese “unassimilatable” o Individual did better in US than in China (especially culture)
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o Establish their own Chinese culture in America (Chinatown) o Stereotypes: Californian WASPs and Chinese Small population: mostly men, women minority (all prostitutes) San Francisco (only city) Asians: 5 ft avg height, robes, light Capri, silk hosiery, square
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AMH2097_Notes - C HINESE I N CHINA Push FACTORS Government...

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