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Case Format – Submitted for Marking Problem Solving Analysis I. Synopsis (2 Marks) Summarize the case briefly…….shouldn’t be more than one paragraph. II. Problem Identification (5 Marks) Clearly identify the problem….do not get mixed up with the symptoms (results or outcomes) of the problem. A symptom merely alerts a person that a problem exists. To define a problem, you must look for the underlying causes of the symptom III. List three alternatives (9 Marks) Provide three solutions to the problem you have identified. I want one advantage and disadvantage of each alternative. IV. Chose an alternative (3 Marks) Choose your best solution from the three you have identified above. Give me
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Unformatted text preview: two reasons why you feel this will resolve the problem V. Summary (3 Marks) How are you going to put this to work? How will you know if it resolved the problem? Any final thoughts? Graded out of 22 Marks Additional Information:- Rough drafts for each person need to be included. They can be hand written.- Drafts must include the problem identification and 3 alternatives….give an advantage and disadvantage for each- Draft should include your choice for a solution and three reasons why you support it.- You do not have to include a synopsis or a summary in your draft....
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