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Charles Le Network Exercises (pg. 353) 1. Loyal Marketing Programs When buying a Coca Cola™ beverage, collect the PIN in the back of the cap and redeem iCoke points for prizes and contest entries. When going to watch movies at any Galaxy, Silver City, Famous Players, Cineplex Cinemas show your Scene card and get points. You can use these points and redeem them for movie tickets and food at the concession. When buying airline tickets online, will remember where you are flying to and adjust itself to your location and areas where you would likely go. The next time you visit, you will have a new list of unique locations and flight prices that may appeal to you. Also, when you book airline tickets through you earn points, which can be redeemed for flight discounts. Network Exercises (pg. 389) 1. Slotting Allowances From: a) What are slotting allowances? Slotting allowances are fees suppliers pay in order to have their product displayed on the shelves of a particular store. This often means paying to have particular products placed in advantageous positions. b) How much are slotting allowances? The prices vary for each supplier since the introduction of new products have such a high failure rate (80%), items which are negotiated to be harder
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Charles Le to sell can have a greater slotting allowance that items that are typically easier to sell. Prices can vary between several hundred dollars to several
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Network Exercises - Charles Le Network Exercises(pg 353 1...

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