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Stress Notes - Stress any circumstance that threaten or are...

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Stress: any circumstance that threaten or are perceived to threaten one’ well being and thereby taxing one’s coping ability. a. An everyday event b. Major stressors minor stressors c. Stress adds up Stress if from d. Self : Neuroticism= increase stress e. Environment: Noise f. Culture: Discrimination 1-explicit 2-perceived 3-anticipated Types of stressors g. Acute: threatening, relatively short duration, clear endpoint, EX. Tornado h. Chronic: Threatening, long duration, no apparent time limit EX . Illness i. Frustration: a set up for failure. Perhaps loosing something accustomed to: sig. other j. Conflict: a competition with self i. Approach-App. Gold or diamonds ii. Avoidance-painful headache or surgery iii. Avoidance-Approach- date with person/ rejection k. Life changes: anything different or new l. Pressure: expectations/demands of others and surroundings Responding m. Fight or flight- autonomic nervous system, sympathetic-mobilizes, parasympathetic -conserves n. General adaptation syndrome i.
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