runcontest_actual - function [message,results,timeElapsed] =

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function [message,results,timeElapsed] = runcontest(drawboard) %RUNCONTEST Test an entry. % [MESSAGE,RESULTS,TIME] = RUNCONTEST(DRAWBOARD) runs the M-file % solver.m against all the problems defined in testsuite_sample.mat. The % input DRAWBOARD specifies if you want to graphically visualize the results. % MESSAGE returns a summary of the testing. RESULTS measures how well the % entry solved the problem, and TIME measures the time the entry took to % compute its answer. % % Copyright 2005 The MathWorks, Inc. % % Argument parsing. if (nargin < 1) drawboard = 0; end e % Define constants. scentDecay = 1; range = -2:2; secret = 8; load testsuite_actual testsuite l % Run the submission for each problem in the suite. score = zeros(size(testsuite)); time0 = cputime; for i = 1: numel(testsuite) main = testsuite(i).main; food = testsuite(i).food; scent = testsuite(i).scent; ants = testsuite(i).ants; locs = testsuite(i).locs; if drawboard, viewsolution(main,scent,food,locs,1); end nAnts = sum(ants(:)); for timeCtr = 1:1000 for antCtr = 1:nAnts
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This note was uploaded on 04/12/2010 for the course ME master taught by Professor Mon during the Spring '09 term at Hanyang University.

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runcontest_actual - function [message,results,timeElapsed] =

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