FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Quiz 1 Order the following objects in...

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Quiz 1 Order the following objects, in order of increasing size, smallest to largest 1. Planet 2. Star 3. Solar System 4. Galaxy 5. The Local Group 6. The Local Super cluster 7. Universe What is a light year: (more than one can be correct) A distance light travels in one yr. A unit of time The time light takes to travel one year About 10 trillion kilometers About 1 trillion kilometers A unit of distance Match the time scale on the Cosmic Calendar from Chapter 1 with the events from history of the universe. Assume current time is midnight Dec 31 2006 Feb. 2006 The Milky Way forms About 0.05 seconds ago You were born 3 hours ago The earliest hominoids die and fossilize Sept 3 2006 The Earth forms Jan 1 2006 The Big Bang Does this statement make sense? Why or why not? We have observed explosions of stars from over 18 billion years ago. No the observable universe I only 14 billion years old. Quiz 2 Order the following astronomical objects in order of increasing apparent recession velocity away from us. You need how recession velocity relates to distance and the distance to each object. The Andromeda Galaxy (M31) 2.5 million light years The Coma Cluster Abell 496 Abell 478 In the winter the North Celestial Pole points towards Polaris. In the summer the North Celestial Pole points: Towards Polaris The alien ship from the center of the galaxy is now about 2 light years from Earth, headed toward us. Suppose we can just barely detect it with the Hubble Telescope. How would it appear to us on Earth? It would appear to rise in the East and set in the West, along with the stars. During the summer in Michigan, the following statements are true:
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FINAL STUDY GUIDE - Quiz 1 Order the following objects in...

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