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20085eeM116C_1_Final_Fall08~solutions - NAME ID EE M116C/CS...

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1 NAME: ID: EE M116C/CS 151B Computer Systems Architecture Fall 2008 Final Exam Instructor: Prof. Gupta One handwritten double-sided sheet, MIPS cheat-sheet and calculator allowed. Total allotted time: 2 hours Total points: 100 Please show your relevant work for partial credit. Showing at least some line of reasoning to arrive at an answer is required for anything that is not trivially obvious. Without it you may not be given full credit even if your answer is correct. Also erase/cross-out any irrelevant work. Again incorrect extraneous work on the answer sheet may lead to deduction of points. There are total seven pages including this cover page. Check that you have all pages. If not, let the proctor know right now. Q 1: _______________ of 25 points Q2: _______________ of 20 points Q 3: _______________ of 30 points Q4: _______________ of 17 points Q 5: _______________ of 8 points Total: _______________ of 100 points
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2 Q1. 25 points You are running a benchmark on your company's processor, Mbase , which runs at 400 MHz and has the following characteristics: Instruction Type Frequency Cycles A 40% 2 B 30% 3 C 20% 3 D 10% 5 (a) What is the CPI rating for Mbase ? Answer: Effective CPI = 40%X2+30%X3+20%X3+10%X5=2.8 (b) You ask the hardware team if they can improve the processor design. They tell you that they could make this processor run at 500 MHz, however they would have to increase the number of cycles for instruction type C to 4. (All the other instruction types still take the same number of cycles). Call this machine Mopt . Instruction Type
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20085eeM116C_1_Final_Fall08~solutions - NAME ID EE M116C/CS...

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