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Spring 2008 Reactor Design Project Overview 01/22/08 1 Concetta LaMarca The design project is structured to comprise five memos and a final report, each to be completed at approximately two-week intervals throughout the semester. The project will conclude with an oral presentation. You will work together in your homework teams, each team on a slightly different problem. The design project will count as 20% of your final grade. Project Description: The project objective is to design a reactor for the production of either 1) maleic anhydride by the catalytic partial oxidation of n-butane, benzene or n-butene, or 2) for the production of acrolein by the catalytic oxidation of propylene or propane. While various reactor technologies have been practiced for these reactions, fixed bed reactor technology will be the focus of your design for this project. The project work will involve a review of the literature for background on the product and production technologies, and for reaction kinetics for your system. Most of your work will focus on the reactor design and simulation based on these kinetics relationships from the literature. Your initial design will be for an ideal isothermal reactor using a simple rate equation. As we proceed through the semester, you will add in pressure drop calculations, energy balances and more complex chemistry to describe competing reactions. You will perform reactor analysis and sizing using hand calculations and POLYMATH , and reactor simulation using the Aspen Plus process simulator. Detailed expectations will be outlined in individual instructions for each memo. Group Assignments: Group # Team Members Product Reactant Reactor Type Production Rate 1 Nicole Cosgrove Michael Glasspool Sarah Wilson Acrolein Propylene Fixed Bed Reactor 30000 M tons/yr 2 Kyle Lynch David Teicher Shu Xu Acrolein Propylene Fixed Bed Reactor 75000 M tons/yr 3 Kerri May Megerle Scherholz Christopher Watts Acrolein Propylene Fixed Bed Reactor 135000 M tons/yr 4 Yousef Ghotok Joseph Havelin Karen Osborn Maleic Anhydride n-Butane Fixed Bed Reactor 25000 M tons/yr 5 Derek Becht Matthew Hunnemeder Eric Nette Michael Raymond Maleic Anhydride Benzene Fixed Bed Reactor 50000 M tons/yr 6 Caitlin Boyd Katherine Ross David Schiavi Maleic Anhydride n-Butene Fixed Bed Reactor 40000 M tons/yr 7 Joseph Haupt Pamela Kubinski Bethany Schmid Keith Weigand Maleic Anhydride n-Butane Fixed Bed Reactor 40000 M tons/yr Schedule: Due Date Memo 1: Background & Overall Mass and Energy Balances Wednesday, 30 Jan 2008 Memo 2: Isothermal Reactor Sizing with Simple Kinetics
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Overall%20Project%20Description-2008 - Chemical Reaction...

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