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AE322_EXAM2_S - Ja d.Ng l0o t*cfw_b*r^*Jk ^t o,nJ'ry...

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Ja') & - l0o t*{b * r^*Jk"* o, nJ'ry ,J d.Ng\"\ {,J/.i ^t[ b) q=*[email protected] vaA A= R) h= 60,8,n w8,w M e=#$i* = ear=# 1,6t{s(:{,u - * tr,r*t) /r7n'l /A A,,N t3 lrv 6- Qt, - Tir UL2 ),:l ) = 0 "l- l$(r)= 3Ys -"t rA [,5) ' v L' /--- e ,r.), box- B "tt or ^Jt'', bJ'ffi", 'l' ''JY t p*uA+* h, n Au nJ* '5 t'tse'\ b * slA r/'r'ka) ' ^* rrwwuLr D.LLorri,,J', -Sf A s".tJf'"bl - 6 fP $uok-,. ^.,^1 C*) 4r+: t6,\r pu u,.lui il,41 prr. 0= l,qbe* ,Alo"
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o t) inL*Li F, -A UyS= hAAX \:, / ec ^Jh,t1 -_l\ &*ryv1 C9 i/ t- 'ro^Jou. Jr*,b ,*oJ 'A "*"6 @) ) "J**[l u*t= o 6) \ L) N h^!.( E_F m/,,- 6 r\^x- ,l'*, e-Y6 @ Jr"n @- ,nL'*l tl,rn e f J.' w (o).O w'(o)-O w[u) =0 wt(t-\ 'g -=;1 5\
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