Osmosissss - Observing Osmosis through Potato Cells in a...

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Observing Osmosis through Potato Cells in a Distilled Water and Different Concentrations of Sucrose Solutions Alec Stanton BSC 2010 Lab Section 024 Seat #41 11/16/09
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Introduction Every cell, plant or animal, has a cell membrane to control what molecules enter and leave the cell. The cell membrane is able to do this due to osmosis through diffusion. Osmosis is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration. If the concentration of molecules outside of the cell is greater than the concentration inside, the cell requires no energy to allow the molecules to flow into the cell. This process is called diffusion and is a type of passive transport because it requires no energy from the cell. The other type of transportation is active transport. This type of transport requires energy (ATP) to function but allows for a molecule or ion to travel against the concentration gradient (Thomas et al. 2008). This occurs when a cell is trying to remove ions or molecules from it when the concentration inside the cell is lower than outside. When a cell is of lower concentration compared to its surroundings, the cell is considered hypotonic and the surrounding is hypertonic. When there is a difference in solute concentration and a cell is too low on water, the cell will crenate. If the cell is hypertonic and swells too much, then the cell will turgor. If the cell bursts because of uncontrolled turgor, it is called lysis, and the cell becomes dysfunctional (Thomas et al. 2008). If the cell and its surrounding solution are in equilibrium with each other, then the
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Osmosissss - Observing Osmosis through Potato Cells in a...

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